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The Power of Facebook Advertising to the Untrained Eye

You’re a local business owner with a specialty in servicing your customers, not marketing. We know that you have important business to take care of, which can make it hard to spend some time researching the “right way” to use your hard-earned money for marketing. So, what do you do? You end up hiring some high-end marketing guy who ensures you that the old way is the best way: billboards, radio ads, and print ads. Why wouldn’t it be the best way to market your business? After all, that’s what the companies did when you were growing up…

The old way of marketing has become drastically ineffective and expensive for your business. Digital Marketing is a new field that leaves a lot of local business owners scratching their heads due to all the complicated terms that come with it. CPC, LTV, CTR, and other analytics can be hard to interpret. This article will show you the huge benefits of online advertising when done correctly and how to get started on boosting your company’s online presence.

Let’s start off with why the old way of marketing is a hazardous waste of your money. When you stick a billboard up on a highway, or get an advertisement on a radio show, the audience the advertisement is reaching is very broad. Here’s an example of why these advertisements are wasting your money:

You spend a couple hundred dollars on a 15 second radio ad on Hot 99.5, a popular FM music station. Remember, the users are on the show for one reason: to listen to popular music. Your expensive advertisement is just annoying white noise to the average listener, for they are most likely not part of your target audience. You are reaching uninterested people for the expensive premium reasoning of the radio station: “We have tens of thousands of listeners daily!” The harsh reality is that you can have an infinite quantity of viewers of your ad, but if they are not interested, you will have wasted your money.

Online advertising allows the company to hyper-target their ideal customer, and only send ads to them. Here’s the best part: you don’t have to pay any money unless the user clicks on your ad! Facebook advertisements allows you to control your audience of your advertisement by hundreds of factors, such as age, gender, device, connection to wi-fi, interest in your topic or service, activeness on social media, and most importantly, interest in your competition. Facebook advertising allows you to steal customers from your competition, as long as you know how to play the game.

Additionally, online advertising has never been a better bang for your buck. For just $5 a day, if your advertisement is successful, you will be able to generate hundreds of leads, emails, and clicks to your website. A good advertisement could be one that sends you into the “3 Zero Club,” meaning that you are getting a cost per click to your website (CPC) of $0.0001. That type of statistic is unheard of with print advertisements, as well as not measurable.

When a business uses a service, such as Facebook Ads, to advertise their business, a plethora of analytics are presented that will show you the effectiveness of your advertisement. You can budget your advertisement, and automatically stop the ad if its effectiveness has stagnated. There is no reason that a profitable business should not be using Facebook Ads.

You can start your first advertising campaigns by going to the Facebook Ad Manager, and selecting your Facebook Page. If you need some advice or expertise in online advertising, Generate Sales Online offers premium digital marketing services that ensure profitability in your business. For a free consultation, click here to visit our contact page. We look forward to working with you!


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