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Meet Our Clients

BC4F Logo.png

Birthday Cakes 4 Free

Online Presence Management

BC4F, a nonprofit organization, approached us for a short consultation on their creative strategy. We now manage all of their email marketing campaigns and website, and the charity has grown extensively. What a partnership!

Nate for SMOB Posters.png

Nate Tinbite

Online Presence Management

We worked with Nate Tinbite to create social media graphics, videos, logos, stickers, and other promotional material. We created his website as well. As a result of this partnership, Nate recently won his election and is now the 44th Student Member on the Board of Education.

Arctic Moon GSO.jpg

Arctic Moon Apparel

Online Presence Consulting

We gave Arctic Moon Apparel a full breakdown of ways to improve their online presence through social media, website design, and digital marketing. Ever since our consultation, their sales have skyrocketed!



Social Media Marketing Campaign

We managed MCR's social media presence with a year-long campaign (2017-2018). We created 13 videos and animations and 37 media posts. As a result, their Instagram gained over 3,000 followers and 200,000 Impressions. We redesigned their website,, which now receives an additional 3,000 views monthly.


WHC Temple

Social Media Marketing Campaign

We created social media advertisements for WHC's Sukkot Fun Festival, which was an amazing success!

Teens Vs Trafficking GSO.jpg

Teens VS Trafficking

Website and Brand Development

We helped Teens VS Trafficking with their brand logo and materials, as well as a website.

Choose Respect GSO.jpg

Choose Respect

App Development

We created a brand new app for Choose Respect to connect students with domestic violence and mental health resources and support systems. The app now is available for all 160,000+ MCPS students to download and connect with.

A Sharp GSO.jpg

A Sharp Jazz Combo

Brand and Website Creation

We created an online presence for a brand new jazz combo, from creating a logo to a website to a Facebook page. We currently manage their online presence.

HMA New Logo.png

Hail Mary Apparel

eCommerce Management

We designed an eCommerce website and mobile app from scratch, along with a logo, for Hail Mary Apparel. The company has grown through our media campaigns and was acquired in Fall 2016.

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